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Higher colors

Healing Branch aids often feel like they look, but not always. The treatment of the wood is determined 

by the specific characteristics it had from the moment it was surrendered by the tree. Sometimes the

aura of its characteristics is prominently present. In that case I can see ‘higher colors’ at a certain place

in the woods and when I get closer it appears to be a branch that is ‘calling’ me. The future colors are

already visible before me, while the branch is still attached to the tree. On other occasions the potential

‘meaning’ of the Healing Branch manifests itself only after years since it has been surrendered by the tree.

The specific branch starts attracting my attention and I take it from its resting place to start working

on it. Apparently then the time has come for me to reveal its inner meaning by working on it with the right

intentions and from the heart.


Purpose and application of the Healing Branch aids

Some of these branches become prayer sticks or healing sticks. Others find their use as magic wand, 

intrusion stick or talisman. Often they get specific names, like ‘Clearing Wand’, ‘Dream Guide’ or 

‘Shaman’s Bridge’. Some of them stay quite natural, while others may get up to 10 layers of color and

varnish. Sometimes one or even two minerals or semiprecious stones are attached to the branch to

strengthen or balance a certain effect. Rock-crystal is an example. Sometimes the beauty of a

Healing Branch is only on the inside but often the outside is very attractive too. The main thing for me

is to let the spirit of the wood (or better said: the higher self of the tree) show me what the best

treatment for a certain branch will be. I don’t always immediately agree with a certain ‘image’: sometimes

I have to saw the branch in a way that is illogical to me, compared to what I have learned as a tree

gardener. At other times I see certain colors for a branch, that don’t quite agree with me. Still I know

I have to do it that way. Apparently that’s the way the ‘Dryade’ wants a specific branch to be treated.

Over time I have often experienced that the result fitted perfectly on the person that chose this very

branch. That is what Healing Branch is all about. Every Healing Branch has its own mission and lays waiting

for the moment to be passed onto a new owner who wants to give it his attention and to become its friend.


A Motley Crew

Ever since 1995 I collect ‘living’ pieces of wood in nature. I think one must have an urgent reason indeed 

before sawing or cutting on trees and shrubs to ‘harvest’ branches for this special mission. If it needs

to be done, it happens in a ritual fashion with the highest of intentions. It’s clear and obvious to me

one should not go around sawing and cutting at trees and bushes randomly. By now I have over 80 kinds

of woods in my collection, which is still growing. Most of the pieces lay resting until I ‘receive’ instructions

for their treatment. From time to time I give them all special attention. It feels like I wake them up for a

short while to keep our relationship alive. Even the smallest piece of wood is taken seriously. Their power

is preserved when they receive the attention they deserve.


A Mediator

I feel it as my calling to be an intermediary between trees/wood and people. It’s a kind of relationship

mediation. I often witness how people ‘fall in love’ with a Healing Branch. To me that feels like pure magic. 

In my view the Healing Branches stand on a high spiritual level and they receive all the attention they deserve.







By now the Healing Branches have developed into several specific directions:


De Healing Branch wand and knot

The ‘Healing Branch’ which is just slightly modified and has received only one or just a few

color accents (1st generation).


‘Healing Branch X’ is a synthesis with clear crystals that enhance the characteristics of the 

specific wood. Or the ‘Healing Branch X’ with semiprecious stones for other qualities

(2nd generation)


 ‘Healing Branch Shaman Bridge’, which is meant to support the overcoming of blockages 

in ourselves, or in others when it is used by the therapist (3rd generation).


Examples of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Healing Branch >>>




De Healing Branch rattle, drumbeater and intrutionstick


In the 4th generation I incorporate Healing Branches in sacred ceremonial and ritual objects 

like rattles, drumbeaters and intrusion sticks.


Examples of the 4th generation Healing Branch - sacred ceremonial and ritual objects) >>> 




De Healing Branch slice and powerbead


The most recent ones (5th and 6th generation) are the ‘Healing Branch Slices’ and the 

‘Healing Branch Powerbeads’.


The ‘Slice’ is supposed to be worn on the heart-region, to heal the heart-chakra or to

strengthen the qualities of this chakra, like forgivingness, compassion, love for oneself

and others. This Healing Branch is good for our relationships with others.


Examples of the 5th generation - Healing Branch Slice >>>

The ‘Powerbead’ is a bead with the specific qualities of Healing Branch wood. Every bead 

is like a fingerprint, no one is the same. ‘Small but beautiful’ certainly applies here. Some of

the Powerbeads hold a little mineral or semiprecious stone. You can wear the Powerbead by

itself or you can add it to any necklace.


Examples of the 6e generatie - Healing Branch Powerbead >>>




De Healing Branch walkingstick


In the 7th generation I incorporate Healing Branches in sacred walkingsticks,

the perfect guide for a walk in the woods. 

Examples of the 6e generatie - Healing Branch walkingstick >>>








A sign that the talisman is catching on

Talismans and amulets, made by Marcel Gotjé, are known to have a strongly catalyzing effect on people, 

that is: they can start or accelerate certain processes in ourselves. They may even evoke some restlessness 

in the person that wears the talisman. Usually this catalyzing effect is of a temporary nature and is a sign 

that the talisman is catching on. You can compare this to the well-known effect of homeopathic medicines. 








Healing Branch ‘do’ the work for us ?

Every once in a while I hear the opinion that ritual objects like semiprecious stones, talismans and amulets 

(among them the Healing Branch) ‘do’ the work for us. That is a misconception. What they cán do, is support 

our efforts to overcome obstacles on our path – but only if their inner quality evokes higher values in our 

consciousness and only if the intention is right. Some of these ritual objects can have a strong effect and work 

as a catalyst – but if we decide to take no action, and we are not open to change, then the final result will 

come to nought. At the most the object will work as a nice looking cuddly toy that pleasantly lets us 

dream away. It might give us a secure feeling, but ultimately the energy is killed. We must actively work 

with the newly acquired insights. If not, we might easily overlook an approaching possibility to bring our life 

to a higher level. I always compare this to the high quality ginseng preparations from Korea, which are grown 

and harvested according strict traditional rules. These extracts render a positive energy, but only if one decides 

to come into action – then the energy can flow. If on the other hand one decides to unwind and go to sleep, 

the energy will do the same. You may become very relaxed, but you will not notice very much of the potential 

energy. The same holds true for the Healing Branch: the intention of the owner is of decisive importance.




We wish you light and love on your path,

Marcel Gotjé - Native Art & Gifts.



© Copyrights by Marcel Gotjé - Native Art & Gifts - 1996-2018




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More About Healing Branch 

Custom made Healing Branch 

Healing Branch Walking stick 

Healing Branch drumbeater 

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