I do not have to know.......



I do not have to know what you do for a living. What I have to know is if you go for

your ideals, if you dare to stand face to face with your hearts desire. I don't care about

your age but I do care if you dare to be a fool for the sake of Love, for the sake of your

Dreams, for the sake of the Adventure that is called LIFE.  I don't care what planets

controle your horoscope. What I realy care for is if you ever have been to the core

of your own sorrow, and if the treacherousness and ordeals of life made you susceptible,

or that they have made you step back and shut off because of fear for more pain.

What I want to know is if you can let that pain, yours or mine, be without moving a finger,

without hiding it, letting it disappear or holding on to it. I want to know if you can be joy,

yours or mine. If you dare to dance, using your primary powers, in total extacy,

from head to toes, without holding back by being alert ...... Being realistic or rational,

without letting yourself slow down, by memories of limitations from your human excistance.

 I don't care if your story is true or not.  What I’d like to know is if you dare to reject

others, just to be faithfull to yourself, and if you can manage being called a traitor,

and stay free from betrayel from your soul. Give me a token of your loyalty so I will know

you're worth the trust. Are you able to see beauty, although not every day is as beautiful

as the other? And is life itself the source from where you drain lifeforce from.

Can you live with mistakes, weaknesses and vulnerability, yours and mine?

and yet stand at the bank of a lake, looking at the silver shining of the full moon, screaming

"YES"!  I don't have to know where you live, or how much money you’ve got.

What I’d like to know is if you can manage, after a night full of despair, hurt to the

deepest part of your soul, to stand up, and do the things that need to be done for your

children. I don't have to know who you are or how you came here. What I’d like to know

is if you are prepared, without holding back to go with me trough the fire.

 It is not important where, what or whit whom you studied. It's a great matter to me,

to hear you say what inner power supports you if everything around you is falling apart.

If you can be alone with yourself and if you are realy comfortable with yourself

even when it's getting quiet, in solitude...........


Oriah Mountain Dreamer - Indian Chief




© Copyrights by Marcel Gotjé - Native Art & Gifts - 1996-2017




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