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July 29 -  2006 

"Self-Educated Artist Marcel Gotjé & the Black Hawk Logo" 




Black Hawk Cigarettes, the premium All Natual Native American Made BrandBlack Hawk Cigarettes, the premium All Natural Native American Made




Self-Educated Artist Marcel Gotjé & the Black Hawk Logo


"Creativity is a remedy to transform things from chaos. Working with forms and colors does not only lead to an artistic product outside of us: the process also has an influence on the spirit within us. It guides our inner being, but also the reality outside. It removes the boundary between the two. The resonance of Art in our immediate environment has a tremendous effect on our whole being." - Marcel Gotjé

A lot of our customers ask us about our amazing logo. That's hardly surprising. We are very fortunate to have one of the most beautiful images represent our company. We feel really blessed and lucky to be able to use this particular image. It describes in images how we feel about ourselves. For those of you who are curious about the origin and design of the Black Hawk Logo, we would like to introduce to you the self-taught, Native American influenced artist Marcel Gotjé of the Netherlands.

Though Marcel Gotjé was not born a Native American (nor was he born anywhere near North America for that matter), his work still exemplifies the beauty and tradition of Native American Art as we see it. We feel that the spirit of the image is more important than just the random chance of blood line and lineage and we are proud that Marcel has allowed us to use his work to represent our Native American business.

Inspired by the the art of the Indians of the northwest coast of North-America, like the Tlingit, Tsimshian, Haida and Kwakiutl, Marcel says:

"My creative forces keep on growing. Mental leaps and associations gain more and more significance. I’m starting to feel like a man who is inspired by the soul! Every creation is a meditation. Whatever I need, will cross my path, if I only want to see it. One shamanistic object after another is born out of my hands, and it becomes clear that there is a demand. In addition to color, form and symbolism I also use sound. Sounds of rattles and drums as an intermediary between this and the other reality."

Marcel Gotjé's work at NativeArt.NL

"Native Art" describes Marcel's work better than "Native American Art" for obvious reasons. Marcel describes his name so, "Originally I wanted to call my enterprise ‘Native Indian Art’. After some time I felt this name was too restricted: by now it is not just ‘Indian’ art that I make. ‘Native Art’ refers to the original art  of native people, but also to art that arises from my own originality. Native Art  almost sounds like Native Heart. That’s how I want to see myself: as an artist of life,  always seeking a synthesis between extremes! This is my original intention when I came  onto this earth: to be inspirational, creative and caring!"

Marcel's work can be found and purchased on his website NativeArt.NL. He has a large collection of wood-carvings, shields, medicine jars, amulets, drums, dreamcatchers, prayer sticks and paintings. You will have to import any pieces you might purchase. Still even if you don't plan to buy anything right now, the beauty of the intricate designs he creates is well worth the effort of visiting his website just to take a look around. Every time I visit, I see new items I would love to have. I now have a really long list.     Visit Marcel Gotjé at NativeArt.NL


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