Intension is essential



Only the highest intension is good enough

One of the fields in which Marcel specializes since 1996 is the preparation of amulets and talismans. 

Inspiration comes either from inside, or from outside – the latter being the case when he composes a ‘custom-made’ charm 

for a customer – and even then the process is in essence an inner one. The starting material for a talisman is almost 

always wood, gathered in the open forests and country sides, comparable to the ways of the original druids. 

Marcel feels called upon to mediate between trees/wood and people. Native Art has a Native Heart when it comes to wood! 

The intension with which the wood is gathered is essential. When the intension is right, the wood has its own powerful 

and healthy magic, even before it is transformed into a talisman, amulet or Healing Branch. Marcel feels every talisman 

or amulet should be a project on its own during the entire creative process, from the moment the wood has been 

surrendered by the tree up to the moment of handing it over to the user. The talismans created by Marcel Gotjé are known 

for their profound, catalyzing effect on people: they can start and accelerate inner processes. Talismans are aimed 

at helping us to reach our inner kernel, and only when this has been accomplished they can help us reach 

certain goals in the outer world.






Marking off the form and sawing it out. 

Little wooden ball, polished


Talisman slice and orca, ready to be painted


Patience is a virtue

After the gathered wood is dried, it lies waiting until the time is ripe to turn it into a piece of art. 

There always comes a time when Marcel feels ‘called upon’ to start working on a certain piece of wood. 

It can be a piece of wood that has been waiting for maybe eight years. Through the years Marcel has gathered 

more than 70 sorts of wood from trees and shrubs. Often these are rare species that are not available 

in the regular timber yard. 

Combining forces

Finally and in the highest possible concentration the wood is turned into a miniature wood carving, talisman 

or mini rattle and other materials and symbols are added. These can be shells, bones, minerals or metals and 

different symbols, depending on the purpose of the talisman or amulet. 



Every object is one of a kind and will never be copied, even when the themes are the same.


With every charm you’ll receive extensive information on:


    what is a talisman or amulet

   the symbols and their meaning

   the specific sort of wood and what it stands for

   how to purify and inaugurate the talisman



With every ‘custom-made’ talisman or amulet a booklet is included, in which all elements 

are explained in a step-by-step manner based on a photograph of your talisman. 

(Let the mouse-cursor hover over the logo to see an example)



In the pictures below you can see how a small block of Atlas Cedar wood is carved 

into a talisman in the form of a bear. Then a turquoise is incorporated. 



Preparatory treatment – rough

After the appropriate piece of wood has been selected, 

the global form is drawn upon it and roughly sawn out.


Preparatory treatment – fine

The form is being cut out with knives and gouges. 

The appropriate stones for the talisman are selected, 

in this case turquoise.


Cutting the stones, carving the wood

The stones are cut and the outlines are drawn on the wood. 

The forms are carved out from the wood.


Setting the stones

The stones are glued into the wood. 

They are polished into the form of the figure.


Final strokes

The total figure is smoothed off into one flowing form. 

The stones get a final polish.


Power x Love

The result is a simple Bear figure with a powerful form,

but at the same time with a loving character.


And finally; 

How to make a string with sliding knot for your talisman >>>


Talismans and amulets with a special mission

Interest in custom-made talismans and amulets is growing rapidly. Considering the present time 

with its great changes and far-reaching events, this is no wonder. Talismans, custom-made 

for a special mission, have proven to be of great support in difficult times. They can give us 

unique powers and strengthen our confidence.


Since ancient times man has looked for these spiritual aids. One of their main effects is that 

they help us keep up our natural shield against external troubles and difficulties.

The symbols, if rightly chosen, attract from the universe the positive energy that we need 

and affect our whole being. A talisman can give us confidence, until in the end we have learned 

to find confidence within ourselves. An amulet shields against the negative energy we don’t want.



The best thing you can do, is to make your talisman yourself. 

The second best thing is to have it made by someone who has dedicated his life to this art 

and who can mediate between this and the other reality. He can ‘catch’ the symbolic keys for you. 


Marcel Gotjé



© Copyrights by Marcel Gotjé - Native Art & Gifts - 1996-2018





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