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‘Axis Mundi’

Trees are living, spirited beings and they can be an excellent guide to help us gain a deeper insight in ourselves. 

The tree symbol is connected with the human soul and has everything to do with individual development.

Everywhere in the world and through all ages we find evidence of the fact that people have been inspired by trees. 

In almost every culture the ‘world-axis’ is symbolized by a tree. In Latin this symbol is called ‘Axis Mundi’ and in the northern traditions ‘Yggdrasil’. The kabalistic ‘tree of life’ is another example. ‘Axis Mundi’ is a symbol for the road

to the upper-world, the road followed by the shaman to reach the realm of gods and spirits. This world tree has three levels: its roots grow down to the under world; the trunk lives in the middle-world, together with plants, animals and

men and connects the upper- and under-world; the top reaches up to the heavens, the upper-world, and symbolizes

the potential elevation of man from the dense material world to the etheric world of the spirit.



Every sort of tree, just like human beings, has unique characteristics, both on the physical and the energetic levels. 

A certain kind of tree reflects our inner self and represents the basic structure of our inner life. That’s why we can

use parts of a certain tree to strengthen those characteristics in ourselves or get a better connection to them.

Every piece of wood is unique, like a fingerprint. Through all the ages, trees and their spirits, named ‘Dryade’ 

by the Celts, have offered protection to mankind.


Wearable Source Of Energy

The Healing Branch products are parts of branches with unique characteristics, offered by trees with a higher 

than average life energy. Often they have been refined by adding minerals or painted details, inspired by 

concentrating on the essence of the specific tree. This way every ‘Healing Branch’ serves a specific purpose; 

for instance as a ‘guiding’ stick, a ‘healing’ stick or a ‘prayer’ stick. The universal spirit only needs to make sure 

the future owner falls in love with this unique piece of wood. Marcel calls the Healing Branch ‘supernatural art’ 

or ‘interdimensional art’.


From the moment the branch was surrendered up to the moment of handing it over to you, the Healing Branch 

has passed through all necessary rituals. These rituals are aimed at the ‘higher self’ of the tree and request 

the spirit to agree to ‘stay’ in this piece of wood and help man on his path of life. Now the Healing Branch is

ready to become your friend !


A Friend For Life

Healing Branch products can show us new ways to overcome difficult circumstances and become stronger 

and more secure. If we are willing to communicate with them, they will aid us through our life. The Healing Branch 

not only stimulates our consciousness, but also gives us a positive attitude towards life. It helps you to connect 

with nature, inside and outside. The only thing the wood-spirit expects in return is love and respect. To find your

specific Healing Branch, it’s best to experience which one ‘feels good’ for you. Don’t hesitate to listen to your

spiritual guide or higher self. Trust your intuition !



I wish you love and light on your path

Marcel Gotjé – Native Art & Gifts.




Healing Branch Slice - "Fairy Tale" (HB-S-127)



“When your back is straight and firm like a tree and your roots reach down deep into

the earth, then you will connect to your inner strength and you will truly be fed”.




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