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Marcel Gotjé - may 2011

Creativity is a remedy to transform things from chaos. Working with forms and colors does not only lead to an artistic product outside of us: the process also has an influence on the spirit within us. It guides our inner being, but also the reality outside. It removes the boundary between the two. The resonance of Art in our immediate environment has a tremendous effect on our whole being - Marcel Gotjé.




I am Marcel Gotjé, founder of "Native Art and Gifts", a visual artist or artistic designer of so called ‘Supernatural art’. I have produced countless power objects

for the Shaman, Witch and Druďd of the 21st century. I reached this point only later in life. Celtic tree mythology and shamanism led me back to my origin through an ongoing and deepening process"... 


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I am born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 1963. Here I spend the first 27 years of my life. 

For 11 years I earn a living as an electrician, electronic engineer and engineer in digital

techniques, successively. The latter of these professions I practice for 5 years in the field of telecommunications.


In 1990 I move to the rapidly growing city of Almere, east of Amsterdam, in the Flevo-polder.

Here I develop and deepen my interests for the esoteric disciplines, like astrology, shamanism,

and gemstone and color therapy. Also in this period I receive a practical training in gardening, which leads to a further deepening of my affection for plants, animals and ecology. The attentive study of these subjects not only stimulates my dedication to the outside nature: my inner nature starts awakening as well. More and more I feel that something essential in my life has been forgotten. I give up my career as an engineer.




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Marcel Gotjé - 3 years old.






The motivation of my work is to follow the road of the heart and restore the

relationships with all that is natural inside and around us. Working intuitively with

color, form and sound is a vehicle in the healing process. Symbols are keys.


I want to inspire others by giving workshops, helping people to discover their own

‘gifts’ and talents and learn to work with them. One of my own ‘gifts’ is to make art

and shamanistic objects of protection, that match an individual’s situation. This is accomplished by imagination, empathy and following the perspectives of the person

in question.



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  Distracted by the din of everyday life, the inner world slumbers. She waits to be explored. But my attention is focused on a technical

and scientific future. That’s how my life evolves until 1991. Then I realize that I should develop an essential part of myself: the natural

and creative process. My eye for detail focuses mainly on the mental  and physical processes, but somewhere deep inside of me, I feel

that I should train my emotional and spiritual capacities. Thus I will grow into a ‘whole’ being. In the end I cannot keep it off any longer:

I start the quest to a higher purpose in life.


I live as I dreamed

This period is marked by a great interest in my nightly dreams, which I observe, write down and analyze. The dreams that stay with me

to this very day and still evoke strong feelings are the dreams in which I learn to fly and do magic. I reach the conclusion that first of all

I should become ‘natural’ again. I investigate the natural processes outside and inside myself. Back to nature,  to me that means to find

myself in nature and make a new connection. Connections to the spiritual, and be creative as the spirit itself. Gradually

I approach my inner kernel.  My old perception of the world crumbles. 


What you see is what you are

First of all I make a close study of plants, particularly trees; subsequently I examine animals 

and men. While I used to observe them independently from each other and myself, I now am more interested in their mutual connection and their relationship to myself. I descend more and more into myself and gradually I perceive myself in connection to the world around me.

I become more aware of synchronizations. Call it coincidence. During this time my life is strongly ruled by the number 13, the pre-eminent number of transition that I notice around me time and time again. “What you see, is what you are”.


My intuition becomes stronger, my vision more and more holistic and suddenly I come across a word that reflects and describes the experiences that come from my dream work: ‘shamanism’. It’s a funny thing: I came across the word ‘shaman’ through the British pop group

‘the Schamen’ that had a minor hit record at the time. Soon enough it becomes clear that their lyrics are inspired by a re-experience

of shamanism in the current times. My interest in pre-Christian traditions and religions increases. Many of them reflect my natural preferences that also stem from my ancestors.


The worship of nature and being connected to the spirit take on an increasingly important role in my life. I come to realize that the

life force inspires everything that emanates from that force. To me this is illustrated by a remarkable observation: synthetic materials,

like plastics, appear transparent in the other reality. This also says something about me: I only want to ‘see’ what is natural.


Self-expression as the key to success

My creative forces keep on growing. Mental leaps and associations gain more and more significance. I’m starting to feel like a man who is inspired by the soul! Every creation is a meditation. Whatever I need, will cross my path, if I only want to see it. One shamanistic object

after another is born out of my hands, and it becomes clear that there is a demand. In addition to color, form and symbolism I also use

sound. Sounds of rattles and drums as an intermediary between this and the other reality. At this point I come into touch with the art of

the Indians of the northwest coast of North-America, like the Tlingit, Tsimshian, Haida and Kwakiutl. Their art captures my heart.



Inspired by the art of the northwest coast Indians I transform the tools that I make into art. After some time different directions start

to develop. I concentrate on the ones I choose to follow. Most of my art shares a common linear, energetic designing technique. Through

my experiences as an electro technician I understand the behavior of energy: the streaming, organic female forms in combination with

the geometrical, concentrated male forms. Each time I seek a balance between the flowing, organic female and the constructive, abstract

male, both in form and color.  


Intuitional wood carving Leading to an interpretation of my personal myth


My motivation to personal growth is assimilated in my art. Thus my personal myth unfolds, reflected by my work. Every object marks

a certain period of my life. I shape and form my wood carvings and paintings in a meditative state of mind. Afterwards I try to interpret 

my work. In addition to the universal meaning, the colors, formations and images first of all have a personal meaning, and aid my personal growth. The interpretations of others, coming from their point of view, are like a new mirror to me, and often are just as valuable.

‘What you see, is what you are’ Other works may arise from an imagination that I receive  through a dream or vision. I then try to

materialize this image as accurate as possible.



"What is born into the material world, also exists in the spiritual world"



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